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Tim Scott, the only black Republican Senator, launches US presidential bid

The only black Republican in the US Senate, Tim Scott, launched his 2024 election campaign on Monday.

Scott, 57, delivered a speech in his hometown of North Charleston in South Carolina where he relied heavily on his personal story of growing up as a black to a single mom and how America is still a country of hope and promise.

Scott did not hesitate to call out Trump during his presidential stint for his racially insensitive comments as well as blocked several of his judicial nominees for that reason.

On the other hand, the South Carolina senator has also criticised the Democrats for exploiting racial tensions for partisan gain.

At the same time as he tells the story of him being a victim of racial inequality, Scott has always maintained that America is not a racist country.

He said, “Joe Biden and the radical left are attacking every single rung of the ladder that helped me climb. And that’s why I am announcing today that I am running for president of the United States of America.”

As a Black conservative, Scott is a rarity in a country where politics are sharply divided along racial lines. Some 92 per cent of Black voters backed Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, while 55 per cent of white voters backed Trump.

However, only about 2 per cent of Republicans plan to vote for him in the primary, according to polling averages, and his national name recognition remains low. Over half of Republicans plan to vote for Trump and about a fifth favor DeSantis, who is expected to jump into the race in the coming days.

Nevertheless, Scott’s chances might be better than they seem as he is popular among the people of his home state South Carolina, a state that is key in the Republican nominating contest as it is only the third state to cast its ballots.

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from Tim Scott, the only black Republican Senator, launches US presidential bid

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